Why freelance marketplaces failing to produce successful projects

The main reason for the freelance marketplace to fail is that freelancer sites do not ensure the credibility of resources. Immature people logged on freelance sites for fun and if some employer seeks them. They are not capable enough to do the tasks. What is on their profile is not relevant or verified. People are often confused with the actual freelancers or fun-seekers. Due to low rates and delivery time, employers get in connection with immature and wrong people. They don’t even deliver work and in fact, give pseudo hopes to clients to complete a project.

Irresponsible freelancers

There are a huge number of irresponsible freelancers bidding only for fun. Once they are contacted they agree with clients because of the money. After some time they refuse to deliver the project and tell that they were not serious. In this way, time and resources of clients are wasted.

Inexperience Freelancer

Some people write on their profiles, they are experienced in their respective fields while being a remote client cannot verify their profiles. Some inexperienced candidates go for fake profile descriptions and in the end deliver immature work. 

Lack of time management 

People working from home are not bound to do 9-5 jobs. They are their own time management. Oftentimes procrastination leads to rushing at the last minute that leads to low-quality work. People often set unrealistic expectations of working 12-14 hours a day and end up being fatigued and frustrated in the end.

Lack of self-motivation

Freelancing is a business that requires self-motivation because you have no boss or co-worker. Two parties are involved only with client and resource. They only assign you a project, timeline, and rates. Freelancers have to train themselves, research about the project, and meet deadlines on time to deliver quality work. Lack of self-motivation leads to low-quality projects and that is the main reason people often complain about freelance sites.

Lack of professionalism 

Freelancers often think that they could manage their job on their own and it is way easier than a corporate job. Well, this opinion also kills the purpose of freelancing sites. Clients hire freelancers to do their work professionally, while their non-professional attitude oftentimes disappoints the clients. They have to block payments for improvement of quality and resubmission of work.

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