Human resource management, is it really a nightmare?

The identification of hiring needs and management of the hiring process is really a complex job if not done properly. People often have no idea what is the complexity of acquiring new talent. To build a balanced staffing plan it requires managers to follow critical steps like analyzing HR supply, future demands, forecasting needs, strategizing, and implementing processes.  All of this needs to be in consideration with business plans and a realistic business climate. Following are some human resource management processes.


The most complex process which an employer goes through is to hire new talent. When it comes to acquiring new people Hr specialist needs to review all the requirements of the company, design job postings, and prepare compensation plans. All this process is done on a centralized level that helps the standardized hiring process. It also includes job posting, employee short listings, and conducting interviews. 


It is the process of integrating newly hired employees into the organizational environment. It is more comprehensive than the interview and introductory period, it comes with more openness and takes approx a year to complete integration. It is a necessary process that can help a capable employee to contribute to the success of the company.


Training is the process in which the incumbent learns the job responsibilities and technicalities of tasks. Companies are often afraid to invest time and resources in a newly hired employee. The period of training is critical for employers and employees, as they both are in the adjusting phase. Some people are offered a permanent job and they are taken on board while some are laid off during the training. 

Employee relations

It is related to all employee engagement and employee retention strategies that are supervised by Human resource managers. They analyzed how much invested or dedicated employees are to the company. Some employees are not satisfied with their jobs and tasks, so it is the responsibility of Human resource specialists to look into matters and solve their issues at the earliest. By this, they can create a sense of trust that will help them retain good employees. 

Performance management

This step includes judging the quality of work and invested time ratio. Helping employees to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently, when it comes to performance improvements. While when there is an excellent performing employee, they might get bonuses and appraisals to make them motivated to their jobs.

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