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We started developing TalentPanel to manage our own hiring process to manage remote teams for our global clients. Soon we realized we must share the platform with others to join us and benefit from the recruitment automation processes we have designed to save time and improve performance.

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TalentPanel teams have the capability to make the impossible possible

TalentPanel is a project of We, The TalentPanel’s originators possess over +20 years of experience operating for offshore clients in a remote model along with being fully equipped to scale by training more resources with us. is a Tech HR company designed by tech intellects. TalentPanel management has over 20 years of experience working remotely for global clients. Spending more time with families, no stress commuting to a workplace every day. Initially, we hired people in-house but ever since the Covid19 pandemic we started to think to share our experience handling IT work remotely. We found that we had access to a much bigger talent pool than hiring people within a city.

We are intent to lodge online remote talent in different forms and shapes, offering all sorts of flexibility and adaptability for the clients as well as the TalentPanel members. Projecting the Talent Panel. 

Reasons Why TalentPanel Stands Out 

  • Real-time live monitoring comfort of hired resources, in addition, to access to screenshots and system activity data to ensure your resources are active and performing at their best.

  • Don’t need a full-time resource? Build a TalentPanel on hourly based mix resources as per your business needs at the cost of 1 full-time resource. Enjoy a wide range of skill sets.

  • Call for project management as well as a knowledge management system? We can provide you free & paid options.

Whatever your problem is, we can find a solution!

Business Model

Key Benefits

99% Success Rate

Unlike Upwork & Fiverr at TalentPanel we use AI & human intelligence to review all jobs posted and talent. We help resolve any disputes & provide platforms and guidelines to achieve goals. We also train our talent to effectively work remotely.

No Hidden Charges

Freelance marketplaces are charging up to 30% on all payments. Also offering very poor currency conversion rates. They also charge you to apply for jobs. At TalentPanel we have no hidden charges, the system is FREE until you get hired, and we only charge 5% to 10% on payouts.

Save Time & Efforts

The system is designed for reusability and to save time. Once a business has set up jobs and created assessment tests they can be reused anytime. Assessment tests can be timed and auto scored to save expensive HR personal time. More also system maintains a history of all interviews & talent test scores.