We help you take your career to the next levels by providing rewarding and flexible remote working opportunities

No more miss fires, hire on-demand remote tech talent or use our application to automate the hiring process to find desired talent with minimum effort. Lifetime Free access will be provided to the first 100 organizations only. So Get started today!

Problems Talent Panel Can Fix For You


Online marketplaces are very competitive and difficult to find new customers and appropriate jobs.

Learning & Growth

Difficult to find direction, learn and grow in a team when freelancing.

Payments & Marketplace %

Marketplaces like Upwork & Fiverr take away almost 30% of the project value, also currency exchange rates are lower than market rates.

Our Vision

Talent Panel Provides You Online Remote Working Opportunities

Join TalentPanel and avail the opportunities leading to a promising future of prosperity with unlimited options! From enjoying flexible schedules depending on the feasibility of your daily routine to your own personal preferred environment, all in the comfort of your own home. Benefit from the perks of work-from-home to take control of your life. You can now stop worrying about being late to AM interviews due to absurd traffic cause TalentPanel is here now and has got all your professional needs covered. Providing full assistance in helping you seek financially strong and top-tier quality jobs to enhance your career. 

Our Mission

Reach To The Top With TalentPanel

  • Work from anywhere in the world (from home)
  • Get training and guideline from senior panel members
  • Flexible and expandable career opportunities

Solution For You

Online training workshops and boot camps to equip talent with the latest tech

Better payouts than market

Build teams to perform better

Freedom to work remotely and work in flexible hours.

Digital payments with Interledger / uphold

Provide growth opportunities to talent