Pakistan, the next outsourcing heaven

Pakistan is the 6th most populated country in the world, while the 4th most populated in Asia. With an approximate population of 22 million, whereas 29%% of the population is between the age of 15-29. Youth is an asset to Pakistan as they bring new hopes, new dreams, and new aspirations. The people of Pakistan are listed among some credible and renowned scholars worldwide. From getting international scholarships to making Pakistan proud on various competition platforms, Pakistan is listed among the top for participation.  Pakistan is lacking the availability of jobs for all and more people going abroad to find appropriate jobs.  When there would be an increase in outsourcing or work from home opportunities, more people would likely to work as a resource for international clients. This would attract international companies 

More number of graduates

Pakistan has an increasing number of graduates and with all the technical expertise. There is more graduates than jobs available. Pakistan is full of talented graduates, who possessed all the skills to be perfectly hired. International clients look for educated and experienced people for their projects. More number of graduates would create more outsourcing opportunities.


The labor rate in Pakistan is comparatively low compared to the rest of the world. Because Pakistan is a developing country has limited resources. Fresh Graduate’s salary here in Pakistan is comparatively lower than his west counterpart. When international brands would hire freshers talent from Pakistan, that would give them an economic edge in outsourcing their operation from Pakistan. 

Modern Infrastructure 

Pakistan is a well developed and well-structured country with the availability of internet over major cities. The increased use of smartphones has enabled people to access digital applications and services. The government of Pakistan is working on the development of modern Pakistan, they have decided to work on the availability of 5G networks. The talent pool is vast and people are comparatively more computer literate ensuring that they are walking with the world. Paypal would soon be operational in Pakistan and Pakistan’s banking channels would soon be accepting PayPal as their partner. 

Ease of Business

Laws and regulations in Pakistan are corporate-friendly and allows 100% ownership of IT equity that creates an environment that is business-friendly. Pakistan is one of the rarest countries that allows ownership of Outsourcing equity and that encourages people to work for international clients.  The sector of outsourcing is still flourishing in Pakistan and has no restrictions and hurdles.

Future Hub of Technical outsourcing 

Pakistan is aimed to be the future hub of technical outsourcing because many Pakistani firms are working with Fortune 500 companies. Pakistan’s stable position in the business sector has enlightened the hope that in the future Pakistan can be the hub and center of technical and IT outsourcing. People from Pakistan have 100% holding of their earnings if they are from the information technology sector. 

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